Developed with support from the gallery at CALIT2 at the University of California, San Diego

MEMORIAL OVER GENERAL ATOMICS  is an aerial sculpture. Its object of inspiration is the beguiling military drone, or ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.’

The materials that constitute the sculpture are multiple, some of them often found in drones: aluminum, acrylic, a GPS locator.  However, the unusual primary material used is more often found down below military drones, as an aftershock of their presence: human bones.

MEMORIAL OVER GENERAL ATOMICS  uses human radial bones, found in the arms of every person, as ‘the arms’ of the flying machine.  The memorial completes a troubling circuit, becoming a drone re-embodied, a machine made of the aftermath of life.

The below video is a document of the first flight of MEMORIAL OVER GENERAL ATOMICS, into airspace over General Atomics, based in San Diego, California, which manufactures some of the killer drones that are being deployed around the world.

By Alex Rivera and Angel Nevarez lets users remotely pilot the ‘LowDrone,’ a vehicle which melds the lowrider, a customized car outfitted with hydraulics that allow the car to ‘hop,’ with the functionality of the drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with surveillance cameras that has been an evolving weapon and tool of airborne surveillance for nearly a hundred years.

Lowriders are a technology developed primarily by Latino youth in barrios across the southwest.

Drones are a technology recently deployed along the U.S. / Mexico border.

Through, users control a customized lowrider – the ‘LowDrone’ – and ‘hop’ over one of the most surveilled spaces on the planet: the U.S./Mexico border between Tijuana and southern California. was commissioned for InSite2005, as part of ‘Tijuana Calling,’ curated by Mark Tribe.

The LowDrone was first exhibited as an installation in 2012 as part of the show ‘Drones at Home,’ at the gallery at CALIT2, at the University of California, San Diego.

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