The Infiltrators - Press Reactions

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “Ibarra and Rivera maintain an effortless balance between genre-rooted entertainment and concern for real human suffering." LOS ANGELES TIMES "There is an audacity, an unrestrained boldness, to both the events depicted onscreen and the way in which they are portrayed in the movie itself…” The Infiltrators” has the energy of a crime thriller crossed with the urgency of a social-issue documentary.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE “A fascinating experiment in nonfiction storytelling…it’s impossible to look away from ‘The Infiltrators,’ due to the sheer audacity of the activists.” INDIEWIRE “The Infiltrators manages to personalize the undocumented struggle by transforming it into an unlikely blend of activism and suspense that makes for a compelling case for the abolishment of ICE." THE WASHINGTON POST “This invaluable film gives an unforgettable face to people who for years have been hiding quietly and productively in plain sight — in our neighborhoods, offices, restaurants and classrooms." THE GUARDIAN "Angry and impressive immigration docudrama.” REMEZCLA "It’s “Ocean’s 11 Set in a Detention Center”"
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